By the Oxygen team | Photography by Stewart Volland

When it comes to keeping her frame tight and her body limber, Lori harder – trainer, author and owner of that immaculate six-pack – knows that the gym isn’t always the place to be. She believes that right where you are is the best place to work up a sweat.

This series of exercises doesn’t rely on anything more than an area large enough for you to jump up and sprawl on the ground. Your intervals should be intense – they start out at 45 seconds in length and gradually decrease with each round, until you are only doing 20 seconds of each exercise.

Tackle this workout three times per week on non-consecutive days, or whenever you’re on the go and need a quick no-hassle workout – then, watch your body become a stronger, tighter, better-functioning machine in a matter of weeks.

Choose four or five exercises. Follow the directions below for each round of work. (Preset an interval timer, like the Gymboss, to help you keep track.)


Do each move for 45 seconds* and rest 20 seconds in between exercises. Rest for 40 seconds before moving on to round two.

ROUND TWO: Do each move for 30 seconds*, and rest 20 seconds in between exercises. Rest for 40 seconds before moving on to round three.

ROUND THREE: Do each move for 20 seconds without rest*.

*Repeat on both sides where necessary.


“This is the perfect high-intensity move for adding core, shoulder and leg strength.”

HOW TO: Start in a high-plank position, with your hands under your shoulders on the ground. Jump your feet beside your hands, coming into a low-squat position, then immediately raise your hands straight out in front of you. Return your hands to the ground and jump your legs behind you to return to a high plank. Perform a push-up, then repeat from the top.


“I love this move because it makes me feel like a true athlete! The faster you get, the more fat you burn.”

HOW TO: Stand with your feet together. Jump your legs wide and descent into a squat, then jump them back together and stand. Repeat once. Next, place your hands on the ground, jump your legs behind you, and bring your belly right down to the ground. Place your palms on the ground beside your chest, then extend your arms to come into a push-up position. Hop your feet back toward your hands, stand, then repeat from the top.


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