Feel the burn!

Put the pressure on your bis and tris in only four weeks.


Images by Dallas Olsen | Fitness model: Alexandra Xavier | Hair and make-up by Jennifer Steyn


Study the physique of strong, fit women. Do your eyes regularly move to their arms? Strong arms speak volumes about one’s commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle – especially because attaining enviable arms isn’t always a walk in the park. But don’t worry, this workout has tried-and-tested solutions to ensure you have the best chance to get amazing results, and keep them, week in and week out.



First and foremost, doing a few curls isn’t going to get you Jamie Eason-like arms. For many women, as it’s a relatively small muscle group, continuous stimulation of the arms can be difficult compared to larger ones, such as your quads. 

To maximise stimulation, it’s important to pay attention to your muscles as you work them and really feel them working. Not rushing through your reps can help to improve the mind-body connection – aim for a pace of two seconds up and another two back down.



To keep the results coming, continuously tweak your exercises to build the definition that screams ‘strong’ and ‘fit’. Try increasing your number of reps, adding weight with lower reps, reducing your rest periods or throw in some supersets and drop sets to push your muscles past their comfort zone and stimulate continuous results.



There are countless ways to structure this workout. Take a look at the options below and pick one that works with how you’re feeling today. Any method, done two to three times per week, will get you the definition you are looking for in four weeks or less. For best results, aim to try a different method each workout.






Do the two triceps exercises back-to-back. Rest 60 seconds, and repeat three times. Apply the same principles to the biceps exercises.



Follow the same rules as for the supersets, but pair a triceps move with a biceps exercise.



Do one set of each move back-to-back before resting up for two minutes. Perform four circuits in total. (Change up the order of the exercises during each workout, or even with each circuit.)



For each exercise, begin with heavy weights. Perform as many reps as you can, then immediately grab lighter weights and work to fatigue. ‘Drop’ the weight again and rep it out until you can’t do any more. Rest for two minutes, then repeat once.

As many as possible (see description)


Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 15, then repeat three times for four sets in total.

30 seconds

*Per side, where applicable


Close-grip dumbbell hammer curl

TARGET MUSCLES: biceps brachii

Set-up: Stand with your fee hip-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Position the weights in front of you as shown, with your palms facing in and the dumbbells touching.

Action: Keeping contact between the dumbbells, slowly flex at the elbows to bring the weights toward your chest. Reverse to return to the start.


Tip: Watch that you don’t bring your elbows in front of your body, which can take away some of the emphasis from your biceps.


Preacher curl with incline bench

TARGET MUSCLES: biceps brachii

Set-up: Stand behind an incline bench adjusted to about 30 degrees. Hold a dumbbell in one hand and rest your arm on the bench as shown.

Action: Keeping your upper arm in contact with the bench, bend your elbow to curl the weight toward your shoulder. Slowly return to the start. When your set is through, switch sides.


Tip: Many women have elbows that can easily hyperextend, which makes it difficult to raise the weight when the arm is completely straight. To prevent complications with this move, try stopping before your forearm hits the bench.


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