Images by Dallas Olsen | Fitness model: Summer Bernard | Hair and make-up by Lisa Lee


If that expensive gym membership is taking its toll on your budget, we’ve got a quick-and-easy home workout that will tighten your core in minutes – no gym needed!


Carving out a show-stopping six-pack isn’t an easy task, but luckily the options are endless, and introducing a few new moves could be all you need to ramp up your results.


Everything you do in life, including walking, getting up off the couch, in and out of your car and out of bed requires the use of our internal and external obliques. To improve our day-to-day life and reduce risk of injury, this program highlights the use of trunk rotation by strengthening your obliques.


Your obliques also play a crucial role in your core stability and endurance strength to hold your spine in a neutral position. Your ability to maintain neutral spine alignment can influence how you not only function, but look. If you have a weak core, you might slump over at your desk or have extra fat around your lower belly. A strong core, however, can improve posture and ultimately create an amazing overall silhouette and flat, stunning abs.


To score a core to be proud of, you need to train your abs in multiple ways, which is exactly what this workout will do! Perform this workout three to four times per week on alternate days, adding in around four cardio sessions and clean eating to really tighten up and reveal that dream six-pack.







Side crunch with tap


2-3 (each side)

30-45 seconds

Toes to ceiling



30-45 seconds


Side crunch with tap

TARGET MUSCLES: internal and external obliques, hip flexors

SET-UP: Lie on a mat on your left side. Stack your legs, extend your left arm on the floor in front of you, and place your right hand behind your head.

ACTION: Focus on using your core, not your arms and shoulders, as you crunch toward your right hip; hold. Next, move your right leg in front of your body, tap it lightly on the ground, then reverse. When your set is through, flip over and repeat.


Your tap doesn’t have to be big, as long as you make it slow. But if you have the flexibility, reach as far as you can!


Toes to ceiling

TARGET MUSCLES: rectus abdominis

SET-UP: Lie face-up on the mat with your arms extended at your sides and legs pointing toward the ceiling.

ACTION: Lift your hips from the floor as high as you possibly can (make sure that you keep your legs in the same vertical position throughout your rep), then slowly lower them back to the start.


Don’t rely on your arms; contract your core to complete the motion.


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