Change your grip to grow your back

Do you want to shape a strong and beautiful back? Making a simple shift in your grip will engage your muscles in new ways improving their strength and shape!

Wide-grip pulldown

TARGET MUSCLES: latissimus dorsi (outer portion), trapezius, posterior deltoids

SET UP: Adjust a pulldown machine so that your thighs fit snugly underneath the support pad. Take a wide overhand grip on the pulldown bar and sit up tall, leaning back a few degrees from vertical and lifting your chest.

ACTION: Pull the bar toward your chest by directing your elbows to the floor and inward toward your waist, contracting your shoulder blades behind
you as if pinching a pencil between them. When the bar nearly touches your clavicle, squeeze hard, then slowly reverse the move, coming back to the starting position without locking your elbows.


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