Best butt shaping for you!



Hey ladies, do you have a pair of those custommade jeans that give you instant glute appeal? They’re guaranteed to turn heads because they have a built-in padding that will give you that bowling-ball allure. Only one trouble; you had better not wear them when on the prowl for a serious relationship. ’Cos when the jeans come off so does your gorgeous backside. Oops!

One time I was giving a training seminar and the talk came around to butt training. During the question period one woman asked for the best butt-training moves. I started my reply with “Well, if you really want rock-hard glutes you . . .” and she stopped me right there: “I don’t want rock-hard glutes. Who the hell wants rock-hard glutes? No man, woman or child would like to be around a rock-hard butt. The idea is abhorrent. I just want to have a shapely backside, not something as hard as a rock.”

I had to explain to this woman that true butt shape is only apparent when the glutes are built of muscle. Fat seldom has an attractive shape. She was also under the misapprehension that muscle is hard. Muscle is soft, pliable, supple, malleable . . . it is only hard when it is involved in an exercise like stair climbing or when consciously tensed. The term “rock hard” is misinterpreted by many when it is applied to muscle. Even the world’s most respected interviewer, Barbara Walters, when she first met Arnold Schwarzenegger way back when, was utterly shocked when she felt Arnold’s arm during their initial TV interview. “Why, it’s soft,” she vocalised in total astonishment. From then on, as if by magic, her whole demeanour toward Arnold completely changed. So ladies, please understand that rock-hard muscle is only rock hard on those extremely rare occasions when it is called into duty. Maybe you’re wondering if you really can change the shape and tone of your backside. Let me affirm with unqualified certainty that you can change the texture, size and shape of your butt. My own wife, Tosca, when I met her, had a flat, unimpressive butt. In fact she would admit that she “had no butt at all” and put it down to her Dutch ancestry. (I know, I know, “Tosca Reno”  sounds Italian, but she actually comes from Dutch parentage. Apparently her mother loved the opera Tosca. Go figure.)

Back to the butt story: I devised a special butt building/ shaping program for my wife and we worked on developing a suitable clean-eating program to help destroy fat and encourage muscle cultivation. We also considered throwing out her worst nutrition habits that had led to her flab going steady with a flat-butt physique.

Okay! So let’s get back to your own butt program. Throw out those butt-enhancing jeans; don’t give a second thought to any other result than total butt-shaping success. Whether you are currently fat or thin, tall or short, young or not so young, you dear reader are going to redo your rear end with these same exercises that I gave my wife when we first met all those years ago. And since I am known as “Tough Love Bob,” I have to now let you in on the bad news. Ready? You have to  adopt a new way of eating, a healthier way, a fat-burning, musclebuilding way. You have to eat clean.

Exercise one: hip thrust

• Lie on your back as illustrated.
• If you require added resistance, hold a weight plate with both hands on your hips.
• Lift your hips as high as possible.
• Lower and repeat.

Exercise two: standing kickbacks

• Attach an ankle strap to your leg as shown.
• Use a suitable resistance and set the pulley at its lowest point.
• Keeping your leg straight, lift it directly back as high as possible.
• Lower and repeat.


Exercise three: prone hypextension

• Situate yourself on a hyperextension bench as shown.
• Start in the body-down position, arms behind your head.
• Rise up until your body and legs are in a straight line.
• Lower and repeat.


Exercise four: kneeling glute kickback

• Begin by kneeling on a flat bench with one leg.
• Attach to your free leg a low pulley ankle strap.
• Hold on to the apparatus to maintain balance.
• Raise your leg until it is parallel to the floor.
• Lower and repeat.