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I was recently at a business seminar that included presentations from some very successful people. One phrase stuck in my mind: “Many of my biggest business endeavours were failures before they became a success. Some failed for as long as six years before they hit. Everyone around me thought I was crazy. You just have to stay at it.”

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Consistency is the Key by Lesley Maxwell

To remain youthful it is necessary to be able to perform key movement patterns which keep us agile and fit for life.

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Stress Busting

Have you been having trouble concentrating at work? Are you unusually snappy and cranky? Or do you feel overwhelmed by your burgeoning to-do list?

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Braving Boot Camp

When I discovered that I had been elected to write a hands-on article on what boot camp is really like I must admit I was scared. The thought of committing myself to something involving multiple weekly sessions of gruelling physical exercise and someone demanding me to “get down and give me 20”, was not my idea of fun. However for the sake of our curious readers I reluctantly took on the challenge; three intense one hour sessions per week for four long weeks.

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What Does Bikini Season Mean to You?

We asked some of your favourite fitness stars what they think of bikini season and what makes a killer beach body.

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  1. Re: ACT now by Penny Lomas

    Love it Penny! Very well written & easy to understand! :) X Em.

    -- EMILY

  2. Re: Consistency is the Key by Lesley Maxwell

    Love reading your article but I want to ask will my body still benifit from only doing to days of strength...

    -- Michele

  3. Re: Driven to Succeed by Geoff Edwards

    Hi Everyone. The email address in the article is now correct - that is, geoffedwards@bigpond.com. If...

    -- geoff

  4. Re: Driven to Succeed by Geoff Edwards

    Thank you for your comments Fiona, I appreciate it Regards, Geoff

    -- Geoff

  5. Re: Driven to Succeed by Geoff Edwards

    Thank you Kat for your comments and my email address for questions is geoffedwards@bigppond.com. I will...

    -- Geoff

  6. Re: Driven to Succeed by Geoff Edwards

    Loved it! Saved this page! Had a question for Mr. Edewards, tried sending him an email, but the address...

    -- Kat

  7. Re: Driven to Succeed by Geoff Edwards

    Love the way your article is written although your talking 1 topic 1 could over lay numerous topics ie...

    -- Phee