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Life is a balancing act

Nadine Dumas has far more going for her than just her stunning looks. She is a fitness model, world-wide coach, entrepreneur, personal trainer, wife and mother. While working at one of the top accounting firms in the world, Nadine attended a fitness modelling competition, an event that would unknowingly lead her life in a whole new direction.

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The Detriments of Crash Dieting

The potential damages of yo-yo dieting* (the cyclical loss and gain of weight) are well known: slowed metabolism, hormone imbalances, increased risk of developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes… just to name a few. Yet it’s a fluctuation in behaviour extremely familiar to countless women – and men – worldwide

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Use Your Power Words

Get a better workout, a fitter body and a healthier life by watching your language. Here’s how to tap into the power of words – yes, words! – to reach all your goals in the gym.

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