Tosca Says "Stay accountable and good things will come."

Is your life fantastic? Did you sweat the way you wanted to? Did you really run the distance you said you did? Was it 12 reps you pumped out with 225kg loaded on the leg press? Were you really at the gym for an hour and 45 minutes, six days a week, like you said you were? Can you make time for yourself today to get off the couch and walk to the supermarket? Was your salad full of crunchy greens laced with a 110g serving of protein and drizzled with olive oil? Did you live well today and do you live well every day? Did you write any of it down so you can track your progress and what it took to get you there?

I ask you this because I look around, and many don’t look like they’ve been sweating. I’m not saying everyone, but a good amount. They don’t look well and I think I’ve occasionally spotted some chocolate or Doritos crumbs in the corner of their mouths. I look at them, and their bodies tell me something very different than their words do. Their energy is not sparkling. Their inner light has gone out. How do they expect me to make sense of it? I go through the pile of emails on my desk, 50 per cent of which complain about not getting results, but how can I help? I can’t do the work for them. I really wish I could.

No business sees as much trash talking and duping as the fitness business, because it is 100 per cent results-oriented, and you are either wearing the results or you’re not. Once someone begins to speak the language of fitness and claims to be a regular gymgoer, they have declared themselves a liege among body shapers who “go to the gym.” That label shames some into professing fibs of all kinds: “I go to the gym! I just don’t understand why I don’t lose weight!” I will tell you why. They’re lying! They’ve gained weight because they eat too much and move too little. The body doesn’t lie; it simply shows up in its true form every day, healthy or not. You may think this all sounds harsh (I guess tough love runs in our family), but I say this because I really care and I know what great things everyone is capable of. Nobody was in denial more than me; I have been in that very same place, I’ve tried all the same lines and the result: a fat 93kg fake. But then, I got tired of the lies.

Perhaps it’s time for a new strategy? Can we forget the lies we tell ourselves and others? Let’s begin with an honest review of the facts. Let’s say you ate the chocolate mousse cake with whipped cream. You did it because you wanted to. It was easier to stay in bed under the covers than to obey the alarm, pull on your training gear and lace up your shoes for a standing date with sweat. You traded motivation for sedimentation. What’s going to happen next? Instead of staring at the refrigerator when you’re home alone and no one’s looking, why not think it through? Eating that block of cheese will make you feel stuffed and bloated, undoing any workout or diet. Many of these slips will soon find you wondering how your pants got so tight and why your boobs are bursting out of your shirt. Now, think it all the way through.

Let’s agree, each of us right here and now – the games have to stop. Nothing feels cleaner than to tell the truth. Confessing it all finally gave me a chanceto see clearly. Once I got a full dose of reality roaring in my belly, it was much harder to pull the wool over my eyes, let alone anyone else’s. Mining for that last spoonful of ice cream no longer had the same pull on me once I began to think it through. That was the day I said “enough!” Come clean today. Eat clean tomorrow.

Remember, I am always listening.
Tosca Reno