Life is a balancing act


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Nadine Dumas has far more going for her than just her stunning looks. She is a fitness model, world-wide coach, entrepreneur, personal trainer, wife and mother. While working at one of the top accounting firms in the world, Nadine attended a fitness modelling competition, an event that would unknowingly lead her life in a whole new direction.


After taking to the stage herself and securing her pro title, Nadine pursued a new career in fitness. She worked hard to achieve her certification as a sports nutritionist, child obesity specialist, personal trainer, health and wellness coach, and TRX suspension training instructor. All while managing a high-performance training facility and providing accounting services on the side.


Over the past eight years in the industry, Nadine has come to understand that to be truly successful and achieve your goals you need to understand what works for you personally. She believes what it all comes down to is the mental edge.

Having transformed countless lives, Nadine shares with Oxygen magazine her experience and understanding of getting in the best shape of your life.



I am a creature of habit. I try to make everything as easy and convenient as I can so I don’t find myself snacking or rummaging through the house hungry.  I follow my rule of the 1 + 2, where it’s one grocery shop and two cooks a week.  I pre-cook all of my chicken and fish as well as my sweet potatoes and rice.  It makes it very handy to grab-and-go. 



Every morning I go through the same routine:  I drink my greens with my morning vitamins while I brew a cup of bulletproof coffee.  If you are not familiar with bulletproof coffee, it is brewed coffee, a little bit of stevia and a tablespoon of coconut oil blended.

My go-to for breakfast is protein pancakes made with egg whites, protein powder, sweet potatoes (oats can be substituted instead), cinnamon and vanilla.



Lunch is always at the local market where they grow all their own vegetables.  This consists of a healthy salad, chicken breast and walnuts for a healthy fat.



This is one of my largest meals of the day because its post-training. It always consists of a lean meat such as chicken or fish, a carbohydrate such as sweet potatoes or brown rice, and a green veggie such as beans or asparagus.



Dinner will consist of something similar to my afternoon snack but with a healthy fat such as avocado, coconut oil or flaxseed oil.  Some days I will change things up and have salmon in which case I will not include a fat. Lean red meat is also a staple in my diet a few times a week.



My evening snack varies depending on cravings or if I know I am training legs the next day.  If I am training legs I will usually have a protein source such as protein powder and add in a carb such as oatmeal to fuel me for the next day’s workout.  If I don’t have a heavy lifting day I will make protein ice cream or a protein mug cake.



Once a week I take my little one out and enjoy some sort of treat, whether it is ice cream or cupcakes.



My weekly training program works around my lifestyle and schedule.  I lift weights four days a week.  My program is quick and intense, concentrating on upper body twice a week and lower body twice a week. My lifts are very heavy, so I have a trainer for these four days a week who pushes me beyond what I could ever do. I also include accessory work such as Tabata-style training for my last 10 minutes of each workout.  To round off my week, I have one to two days where I allocate stretching and cardio and another one to two days of full rest to let my body recover. 


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