At a get together with some friends on Friday night I met up with a fellow competitor and friend who I hadn’t seen for a while. After a brief chat I asked how her mum was. I burst out laughing when I remembered how I came to meet her mum. I was wearing my birthday suit. In other words I was naked!

You read right. I had just finished a competition and was back stage, I had thrown off my bikini and was removing my fake tan when my friend said her mum would like to meet me. Without even thinking I walked up to her, introduced myself and shook her hand. When she looked at me rather strangely I realised I hadn’t a stitch of clothes on. “Oh well, at least you know I’m not hiding anything” was all I could say.

It’s funny how in a gym or competition environment a leg is no longer just a leg but a quad, hamstring and a gastrocnemius (calf). Great glutes, tight abs, perfect pecs, triceps and biceps are all viewed and judged individually not looked upon as a body as such. I had a giggle when I looked back and thought how strange this scenario would be happening in any other environment such as corporate. I’m glad my accountant doesn’t greet me in the same way!