During the cold winter months in Melbourne, even the most motivated woman can feel like pulling the doona cover over her head and forgetting about training.

This happened to me last week. I got up from my warm bed, looked out of my window and instead of seeing the beautiful view of Melbourne, all I could see was grey.

My lovely warm bed was calling me back. I was meant to train today but there was a host of emails to reply, phone calls to make, some bookwork to be done and not to forget the housework which is always beckoning.

Maybe I should stay home instead.

I managed to scrounge up enough motivation to just turn up to the gym.

Once I was there the rest just happened. I completed a great workout and once I started training it seemed easy.

How great did I feel after that! I really noticed how the positive endorphins kicked in and I felt fantastic.

Then my day turned out really productive too.

So if this happens to you where you have a day when you don’t feel enthused to train. Get dressed in your favourite gym outfit, even put on a little make up (I call it colouring in) and ‘just turn up’.

The rest will just happen and you will feel great.