After a power walk with a friend (note to self..stop making your friends power walk when they want to catch up) we were having coffee when he proudly mentioned how he has cut back on his sugar intake to only one teaspoon per cup instead of two, and now only has two cups of coffee a day.

“Well that’s a pretty good effort” says I not entirely convinced, and then went on to listen to him say how it was quite hard for him to stay in shape. ( I see another power walk on the horizon).

It wasn’t until I was on my way home that I started to do the math. Two coffees per day equal fourteen teaspoons of sugar a week, which equals half a cup. Now this number seems to be snowballing...all of a sudden it is a massive TWENTY FIVE cups of sugar a year just in his coffee break that he would be consuming.

That’s a bit scary.

It’s these little things that sneak into our daily lives that make a big difference to our health and fat loss goals. So without trying to sound like a killjoy, enjoy your beverages without sugar, or artificial sweetners as these pose other problems. You’re sweet enough!

Coffee and a power walk anyone?