Risk of an unhealthy mind? By Joey Mogg

We all have that day, days or even weeks when we feel as though we are getting nowhere. There just seems to be never enough hours in the day to fit everything in and we find ourselves drowning in stress, pressure, depression and anxiety. 

I have certainly experienced big bouts of anxiety, but have learnt to deal with the pressures of life and realise that most of that pressure is because of me. It is not real - it is just a product of thoughts we have created. It is a choice and we can dictate the way we choose to live. Save yourself from choking in an overwhelming sea of anxiety and stress.

Unfortunately we never realise the importance of life itself until a significant event such a death or illness occurs to someone we love. It is then we soon quickly realise what is truly important in our lives – and paying the bills on time isn’t so important now. 

Our humanly characteristics don’t help as we tend to be our worst critics. We spend so much time focusing on striving for more or better that we often lose track of reality and those personal priorities important to us. 

We are busier than ever. It is more common than not to see both parents working while bringing up a couple of young children. For most we live a groundhog day where we get up, do all the same tasks in the day, fall asleep and do it all over again day after day. 

I think I speak for many and admit that my brain does not have an off switch. That will never change - nor do I want it to - but it’s now all about how I control my thoughts. 

I always used to think badly or stress over something that hasn’t even happened but now I never let my thoughts take over my existence. I accept they are there in the back of my mind, I realise there are tasks at hand but I practise living for today. What matters for TODAY and today only. Not tomorrow (that’s tomorrow) and not Wednesday because that’s Wednesday. You get it?  

Don’t try to find an answer to something that doesn’t have an answer. Do you ever find yourself trying to do four things at once? Then put a timeframe on it all? Don’t! Although we like to think we can, we can only truly do one task at a time (properly), so prioritise and work through them. 

Also - get organised and set achievable and realistic goals. Daily goals! Don’t set yourself a task of moving house when end-of-month figures are due. Say no if you know that the normal Tuesday night movie will interfere with this week’s tasks. Instead, use that time to do what you have to get done and reward yourself afterwards with a bit of ‘me time’. We will never be able to get everything done when we keep adding more things to do. 

Budget and organise all of your bills to be paid fortnightly so the stress of money is at ease. I am a big fan of online grocery shopping, too!  You are pretty much getting someone else to do the groceries for you.  Keep shopping for the more enjoyable purchases like shoes and handbags! Get off Facebook or limit yourself to only 15 minutes a day. We all know a quick little look on FB can easily turn into an hour or two.  Getting away from the computer or phone is the only way to learn to switch off, especially if you sit in front of a computer screen all day. 

Upon leaving work and returning home, we should find an activity that allows us to knock off from one and prepare for the next. Being kicked out of the office because the cleaners want to leave, or going home to find the dishes aren’t done… these events only accumulate stress and anxiety. 

Thirty minutes is all it takes for us to soothe the mind, switch off and refocus. Exercise anyone? Give yourself a curfew at night for texts and emails. After that time phones are off or on silent, and allow you to spend that time with family or some quality downtime for yourself.  

Finally don’t let stress or work take over your life and lead you down unwanted paths such as excessive alcohol, smoking, becoming unsocial, unhealthy eating or lack of sleep. These are big warning signs that perhaps you are overdoing it and it’s time to review and recover to bring you back to our first point about being organised and having goals. Long hours, panic and anxiety can be detrimental to your health, wellbeing and family. If you can try to leave your work at work and have a proper weekend to relax and wind down then the productivity in your working field will only be better when you hop back to things on Monday morning. 

The old saying work to live, not live to work certainly is true but you are more important than what you do for a living. Everything else in your life needs you just as much, so try to balance all of your life’s qualities and make your world a better place.


Joey Mogg Bio:

I was always very active and good at sports from an early age.  At age 18 was the realisation I wanted a career in the fitness industry.  I began working at Les Mills head office in Canberra pursuing my passion for group fitness.  After 13 years of experience in varying roles within the industry, I now reside on the Sunshine Coast as the Personal Training Manager for Ezyfit Health Club.  I believe that health and wellness is created from an optimistic and constructive attitude.  Fitness is who I am; my heart beat is in the word itself.  I coach people to create a sustainable lifestyle for themselves where a healthy and positive wellbeing is created and enjoyed.  It’s all about mindset- enjoy what you do and results will come. My philosophy is simple - I live a realistic and holistic approach to what life should all be about - balance, enjoyment, fulfillment and success!