Fit, Fun, Laugh and Run

Fitness lifestyle not a fad

By Jess and Tilly

There is nothing new about people's desire to lose weight. I think it is fair to say, though, that in 2013 ‘fit’ is the new skinny. More and more people finally understand that fad diets and pills are not the answer - and that lifestyle change, healthy eating and fitness is an all-empowering and truly fabulous undertaking. 

In an age where fitness quotes and photos are overflowing on social media, there is no shortage of 'fitspiration'. Photos of women with healthy curves, muscular physiques and a piece of fruit in their hand are far more desired now than skin and bones with a handful of air chased with zero-calorie water.

Young girls, women and mothers; boys, men and fathers alike now look to sporting stars, fitness models and athletes as inspiration for health and fitness.  They look up to people who endorse healthy lifestyles and longevity, people who train hard, eat well and lead a balanced, fun and fit life.

Having fitness models and athletes as role models allows for every-day people to gain the same satisfaction out of exercise and clean eating as well as feel good from the inside out, both physically and mentally. Reaching goals and achieving all-round health and well-being is a very realistic goal for people striving to succeed like those who inspire them. Finding solace in any form of exercise is liberating and far better for you than finding comfort in a piece of cake or a lie-down.

For most people, the way they look has a direct correlation to how they feel. Feeling good on the inside will undoubtedly show on the outside. Eating well is not just about losing weight but also healthy skin, better immune systems and heightened self-confidence. To achieve this, though, we need to make a lifestyle choice; a long-term commitment instead of a temporary solution.

What we are saying is that if dancing around your kitchen in your Sunday best is what makes you happy and burns calories, then follow your fitspiration. Instead of using your children as an excuse to not exercise, use them as equipment to get going! No one has ever put on weight by chasing a toddler, lifting them in repetitive sets of 10 or doing laps of the house with them clinging to your ankles. 

Don't want to sign up to the gym? Then don’t! Hit the park, jog around the block, do sit-ups in every ad break of your favourite show, park the car further away from work or do squats while holding a grocery bag in each hand.

The key to a successful lifestyle change is making sure it is something you can maintain for life. Living on a no-carb diet is unequivocally unsustainable. Running 100km every day if you hate running and work fulltime probably won't last very long. Not many people are crazy enough to do something they despise for 100km, especially after a day at work thinking about how much they despise it.

Fitness and health are different for each individual. It’s not about comparing yourself to others; it’s about being inspired by great people and aspiring to beat your personal best. If your cousins, best friends or even your baby lifts bigger weights than you do - who cares? If you lift weights and reach goals you don’t need the world to tell you are a champion – you already are!

Fitness isn't a joke but life is about having fun, laughing often and living it to the fullest. We want to tackle obesity using our beliefs that laughter is the best medicine and a lifestyle change is indeed life-changing. Being fit and healthy, accountable for your actions and a role model for friends should be fun.

It is a club where everyone is welcome, accepted and empowered, no matter who your fitspiration is, what your reason for being healthy is or where you are with your fitness.

This is a club open to everyone. You do not pay a joining fee, sign your life away, get a free backpack (SORRY!) or commit to a 12-month membership. It's a group of people with common goals, helpful tips and encouragement. So create your own fitness journey, set small goals and work your way up. Make yourself accountable for food choices, exercise and your life - and don't let changing jobs, states or marrying Brad Pitt divert you from your goals!

Buy yourself new workout clothes to keep you motivated, but most of all be proud of yourself. You are one step closer to achieving your goals and a lap ahead of people still sitting on the couch.

There is no greater time than right here and now, so stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, repeat 10 times and feel the burn. Don’t give up, don't give in; just get up and go.

Love and Fitness,

Tilly and Jess

Fit and fabulous

Authors Bio:


 Tilly is a 25 year old Wife & Mother too 3 year old London & 1 year old Kairo,  living in rural WA for her husbands work. God Mother to her son & bridesmaid at her wedding, Jess Blair and Tilly crossed paths 3 years ago, after Jess fell pregnant with now 2 year old son Harlem.  
 Jess,a 27 year old mother, fitness model, Personal Trainer and wife to NRL player Adam Blair, inspired Tilly to lose weight after a 12 week transformation . Tilly now 37 kgs lighter continues to be inspired & assisted by Jess, as well as now inspiring people on their own weight loss journey.

Together, Jess & Tilly are writing a no-holds guide to weight loss & lifestyle change, that's as humorous as it is helpful.