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Debunking The Myths About Toning. By Gabriel DeVine

Do you spend an hour or more on cardio every day?  Do you centre your workouts on a lot of core work to try and chisel out a midsection to die for?  Do you subscribe to the age-old adage of ‘less weight, more reps’ in an effort to ‘tone up’?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those, then you may have fallen into the ‘toning trap’; a less than optimal place to be, and a place I never let my clients go.

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Is the ‘fat burning zone’ the best way to lose fat?

Are you normally the one with the fat burning zone gadgets attached to your wrist or chest? Are you seeing results? If not, discover why the ‘fat burning zone’ might not the best way for you to lose fat.

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Entertaining Your Kids While Exercising

I know how overwhelming it can be looking after the little ones as well as yourself - the idea of working out at home seems to be a crazy idea on most days! This blog includes some tips and tricks I've learnt that enabled me to work out at home with a baby and a toddler, both on different sleep and play schedules.  My goal is to help mums feel empowered to take care of themselves because sometimes really is hard; all we seem to want to do is make sure we take care of everyone else’s needs first.

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If you can’t beat ‘em, include ‘em!

So, you’re looking to get fit and start a new healthy lifestyle, but your closest friends and family just aren’t supporting you. They're making you miserable and you can't understand why. You're trying to get healthy, after all. Don't they care about your health?!  What can you do to get them on board?

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Brain Power - Rewire for Inspiration | By Christine Ardigo MSRD

Each day we rise with good intentions but what sabotages us? Unfortunately, it’s our own mind. The organ responsible for all our body’s major functions cannot gear us to make the right decisions. Why?

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From Sugar-filled to Energy–fuelled | By Janine Rotter

Make the switch from processed, refined and sugar-filled foods... Here’s to a Healthy YOU!

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Build Your Own Phenomenal Physique! By Brie Warnock

Everyone has a different body type... we were all born with a set of assets that we can accomplish amazing things with...Don’t dream or long for someone else’s body and wish it was yours, build your own phenomenal physique!

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Fit, Fun, Laugh and Run. By Jess and Tilly.

Fitness and health are different for each individual. It’s not about comparing yourself to others; it’s about being inspired by great people and aspiring to beat your personal best. If your cousins, best friends or even your baby lifts bigger weights than you do - who cares? If you lift weights and reach goals you don’t need the world to tell you are a champion – you already are!

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Where's my 'super' switch? By Zoe-Claire Yaworsky

While I need to give myself a good 10-minute talking to each morning to get my feet to make contact with the floor, 'Super Steph' has been up for 3 hours, cycled to the gym, worked out, cycled home, cooked 23 months’  worth of meals, played 2 rounds of Guitar Hero, walked the cat, sent money to an orphanage in West Bengal and restocked her underground cyclone shelter.

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Debulking The Myth Of Women And Weights

I know, I know.  Not everybody is still hung up on the idea that ladies who lift weights will grow facial hair and walk around readjusting their newly-sprouted man parts. But not everybody is still NOT the majority, and despite numerous articles and scientific studies to the contrary, the dreaded stigma still exists.

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