Busy, Busy ,Busy!!!!! My life has been crazy BUSY ! Do you know that feeling People? Your life just fly’s so fast and then before you know it, it’s the end of the year ????  Ok here is a short little summary of what’s been happening! Training was a little bit “fluffy” for about a month (was just going through the motions) but the last couple of weeks I have been training like a Machine lol…….. Just after my last blog I got  my bloods checked because I was feeling “not right” and low and behold I had a few little Hormonal issues!!I’m Feeling a WHOLE LOT better now! Don’t you just love being a woman sometimes?? I really wouldn’t change it for the world BUT boy our hormones can make us go a little crazy ! So LET me just cut a long story short, I’M BACK to my normal self(well define normal lol)!!!!
It’s so important to LOVE our life! If something doesn’t feel right we have to try everything in our power to change what we don’t like about it! I have cut out COFFEE/Pre-work outs/ stimulants and ARTIFICAL sweeteners WOW what a difference it has made!!! My first couple of days was HELL ha ha and then after a week I felt amazing, my skin is clearer, my tummy is not bloated and my MIND is a lot clearer!!! I have re-introduced my pre-work(re-activate MUSASHI) and a coffee every couple of days but I have to make sure I don’t get back to my crazy ways of stressing my poor little adrenals and  system out by excessive caffeine and artificial addiction!!! So girls just have a closer look to what you are putting into your gorgeous bodies because you could be in total denial like I was!!!! I ABSOLUTLY LOVE this time of the year!!!!! I’m going to be doing some photo shoots early December so I’m really watching my eating and tightening up on the weekends a bit more !I will be getting back on here a bit more over the coming weeks…… To all the beautiful girls competing this weekend, I wish you all the best !you have done all the hard work, now it’s time to ENJOY, Smile bright and make sure you have fun cause it fly’s by!!! ………… OK time for my YOGA practise ….Have an awesome weekend, Namaste xxxxx