Hi Oxygirls!

I hope you are all super and on track with your new year goals :-)

17weeks out from comp and I must admit I have surprised myself with the progress in just 3 weeks into comp prep. Even after all these years of training experience and changing peoples body composition, it still amazes me the reaction of the human body and what it is capable of doing in such a short period of time when it is done right.

They say the first 2weeks of comp prep are the toughest – and although I have made progress I have also this weekend been ‘struck down’ (I like to be dramatic) by my old friend tonsillitis. I get this once a year so at least I am getting it out of the way in January. Nothing lemon in hot water, a good high dose of Vit C, Zinc, Echinacea and some treats from the GP cant fix.

The Figures

Now I know this is the real sstuff you want to read!

The biggest change I have seen is my hamstring site caliper measurement being reduced by a whopping 25% in just 14days, also a loss of 4.7kilos in 21days! I really have been working my butt off - quite literally it seems! I also took the time to reflect on my lean mass: I have gained 5.6kilos of muscle in 6months!

I told a friend that I was nervous about making enough progress in 20weeks; he said “20weeks? Its amazing what you can do in one week!” I took this on board and went full steam a head, one week later I had dropped 3.8kilos.

Minus the tonsillitis, overall I am feeling superb. With the correct concoction of supplementation, rest and training I am feeling strong and on track.

A Recipe for Success

But with such progress people have been asking me…….. “What are you doing?? What are you eating?? What is the secret???”

So here I am to give you the secret ingredient to making progress, drum roll please………… “Hard work”.

There are no shortcuts I’m afraid, there is no magic pill or potion, no wonder diet with minimal effort. I have been working hard, dieting hard and resting and recovering even harder. That’s all it takes.

Recipe for Success

  1. Diet – this is nos 1, always. You can change your body composition just by diet alone. Even whilst sick this week and feeling pretty sorry for myself, I have kept my meal plan exact and then progress is still not waivered.
  2. Training – this goes without saying, you must train in order to stimulate and change your body. I always say to myself when just about to lift “you should be scared”. If your not scared about exceeding your limits, your in your comfort zone, and nothing good is ever achieved in your comfort zone (apart from comfort. Lol) I squatted my all time personal best this week, 80kg, not bad for 6months post-double hip reconstruction! And before I loaded the rack onto my back I thought, ‘Yep, I’m mighty scared of that weight right now!”
  3. Consistency – One of my mottos is “Just keep going!” as simple as it sounds, it really does mean just that, every single meal, every single session, every single day, whether its hard or easy, just put your head down and keep going. The only consistency in life is change, and the only chance of change is consistency.
  4. Hard work – Simple: if it’s cruisy, you’re not working hard enough. I have really had to tune into this the last few weeks. Getting up every morning at 4:30AM to do pre breakfast cardio has really tested me.
  5. Hunger – if you want something bad enough, you get hungry for it! I’m starving! Grrrrrrrrr

Throw in a dash of faith and you have yourself a hearty serve of success.

Remember, we are only 1 month into 2012, so if you have big goals this year, don’t stop now, its tough, but worth it……….just keep going!

Until next time Oxygirls.
Yours in good slightly sore throated health