As if the start of a new year isn’t poignant enough, the 1st of January not only closed the door on what was a tough year, but for me it also marked my competition preparation 20weeks out – its Show Time!

After eating a more than substantial amount of Christmas cheer I woke Sunday 1/1/2012 with a bounce in my step and fire in my belly. My first hangover in about 6years (from just 2 glasses of red vino mind you!) didn’t stop me leaping out of bed for my first pre breakfast cardio of the year – start as you mean to go on.

To get me motivated I called my costume lady, Miss Sequin as I call her and booked in my stage bikini fitting. I picked my routine song and set up my posing mirrors at home, dusted off my stage shoes, started a fresh new food diary, and then I cleaned out my pantry of food, all the goodies that wont be passing my lips for a while, One rule I have for myself when dieting “if its not on the meal plan, its not in the house!” All the above steps are just little pieces of the puzzle that get me in the zone and keep me there!

The one thing I am bringing to my comp prep this time round, which I haven’t before, is ‘Faith’. Faith in my abilities and myself. We are human and there is always a little self doubt, this is natural but whether I start 100weeks out or 20weeks out I still always ask “Will I be ready?” and the insecurity whispers “No, you wont be ready, you might as well give up now”. And that holds me back and sets me up for a journey of self-sabotage. You can go around in circles a million times but it has taken me many years and many setbacks, both with body image, business and personal experiences to finally realize that you are the only one responsible for your actions, and it all comes down to that moment when you sit yourself down and say “I have faith that I can do this”.

I have the support of the best dream team around, Ultimate Performance Supplements, my coach, my clients, my closest friends and family but without faith in myself, I’m out in the battlefield alone. I always have an affirmation running around my head, this comp season it is:

“I have complete faith in what I am about to achieve”.

So this year, whatever your goals, whatever you are striving to do, simply start with FAITH in yourself.


Another milestone this week is my hips. I am officially 6months post surgery. They are feeling better than ever, strong, stable and ready to rock!

Other components I am doing differently this comp season is biosignature modulation on myself, i am also dieting a lot harder further out, giving myself a head start.

I have worked my little booty off for a couple of years to eat, sleep and grow. Gaining muscle in the areas that I needed to, gaining experience and knowledge in what works for me and my body and now its time to see if my hard work has paid off.

Stay tuned every few weeks for a raw and uncut blog of my comp prep, its so exciting that you’re all along for the journey!

So now it’s head down, bum up, game face on, see you on stage!

Yours ‘faithfully’ J