Hi My Fit Chickadees! I hope you are having a superb time heading into summer :-)

I've had a few messages this week asking for guidance as to what to consume for your Pre workout meal.

The meal before your workout is super important, The goal of this meal is to prepare the body for the assault you will soon be putting it through. Just like an engine your body needs fuel to move and perform at its best.

A Pre-workout meal will allow you to have increased muscle strength, better endurance, give you increased energy, burn more calories and fat or improve concentration.

A Proper Pre-Workout Meal Should Consist Of:


Fruit should be eaten at all times throughout the day. They dilate the blood vessels reducing stress on the heart. Dilating the blood will allow blood to flow around the body easier as well as prevent increased high blood pressure.

Fruits are packed with vitamins and some carbohydrates or simple sugars to fuel your workout. My favorite pre-workout fruit are bananas, which are packed with carbohydrates and potassium which prevents cramps.

Moderate To Low GI Carbohydrates

These carbohydrates will fuel your body with energy throughout the entire workout.Carbohydrates are the main source energy in a workout. I would recommend brown or white rice, brown bread or whole grain bread, whole wheat bagel, cereal (low sugar) or oatmeal.


Protein is the essential building blocks of muscles. Without it, your muscles would not grow. They also ensure proper nitrogen balances in the muscle. I would recommend eggs, which has a very high biological value. Another good source is chicken or fish.

So next time your workout is due make sure you put fuel in the tank and see what a difference it makes!

Your in good health,