Hi Ladies!

WOW what a huge few weeks, the Sept/Oct months see the arrival of the Competitive Fitness season in Australia and this keeps me very busy! 

With every weekend a show is in full swing somewhere in Aus, and so the industry is a buzz with excitement this time of year, this is my Xmas! This time of year it really is about the competitors, recognising the consistency and commitment that goes into competing and whether they have embarked on a new fitness journey or career, or its just a goal that is to be achieved and then the sparkly spandex costume to be slipped into the memory box never to be seen again, either way it is about celebrating the months of hard work and dedication.

The biggest enjoyment i gain from this time of year is catching up with my friends in fitness, fans and being inspired by dedicated work shining on stage, it really reminds me why i love this sport.

Last week myself and fellow covergirl Lesley Maxwell were 'hanging' out at the ANB show with the lovely Lindy Olsen hosting. It was a great show full of potential!

Another inspiration this week was that of my Boyfriends Mum, Mary, she is 48, a mother of 5, and is competing in her first ever Novice Figure Competition this weekend, she looks simply sensational and i hope i have legs like hers when I'm her age! It really does go to prove that you are never ever too old to be the best you can be. Go for it and tick it off the goals list!

If you have Nationals approaching this weekend i hope you enjoy the experience, remember that its about YOUR journey and your experience, not about the person standing next to you on stage or the trophy you bring home. You are all winners in my eyes. xxx

Yours in good health,