Hi Fit Chicks! 

I hope you have been trail blazing your goals and dreams over the last week!

I have had a super start to my competition prep, I love the prep for the prep! Weighing in, doing before photos, measurements, dexa scans, food and training plans, getting myself in the zone and instantly seeing results after just 10days of dialing everything in. 

But enough about me. This week i wanted to touch base with you lovely ladies about COLOUR. I've this week taken on a client that has had previous experience in competition prep, she has never competed but has tried and tried numerous times. Her last Comp Coach unfortunately was not a good influence and has imbedded into her that during comp prep she should never eat anything other than green food, other than protein sources. This is the typical Chicken and Broccoli comp diet. I am not a fan of this. It is green. Broccoli, celery, green beans, spinach. So far nutritionally mislead was she, to the point that she was not allowed to eat a red apple, only a green apple. So you see where this has ended up? My new Client now has a eating disorder. She is petrified of gaining fat by eating colourful foods. This is simply not true.

I ask you, what is the difference between eating a green capiscum or a red capiscum?

Different colours in food represent different antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Sure, some have a higher or lower calorie and fibre content, but i believe that for your body to be an anabolic lean mean machine it has to be HAPPY, it has to have an array of essential nutrients running around its system in order to do its job. 

So next time you are in the fruit and vegies isle at your grocery - think COLOUR for health. Pick greens(broccoli, silverbeet, lettuce, green beans, snow peas) reds(raspberries, red capiscum, tomatoes, sweet potato) purples(red onion, blueberries) yellows(squash, yellow capiscum)

Yours in good health,