Hi Ladies!

I hope you are all fitting fit!

I've had a great week with returning to work and connecting with my purpose in life: Helping people! After having a huge 6 weeks off work i came back to life and I caught up with my clients and got down to some serious goal setting, this is an incredible feeling as it drives me to do what i do. My rehab process is mid way, with a another 6weeks until i am back to an athlete level of training. 

Coming back to work has given me the kick i needed to assess where i'm at and what i'm doing. Remember ladies, without a plan, without urgency in life, you are sure to not reach your full potential. I person not in a hurry gets nowhere fast! So goal set, goal set, goal set!

I have decided to start my next comp prep this week, starting monday. Which is so exciting for me! and even more so is that you will be along for the ride, every step of the way i will be updating you of my progress. The first step is making the decision, locking in a date, a show and committing to it! 

My training has resumed to normal with upper body and i must admit its hard to resist to not push myself, i still have to remain careful when training as to not flare up my hips. I am a high intensity girl through and through, and cant wait to build beautiful leg lines with plyo's in 6 weeks!

This week i have also booked flights up to Darwin to attend the NABBA nationals to support my boyf Abe Elzaibak and friend Georgia Holton competing, i cant wait! i've never been to Darwin!

Until next week, Stay fit, healthy and strong Ladies. I have set myself my goal this week, my competition game face is on, whats your big goal this week?

Yours in good health,