Hi Oxygirls!

This week was a bright week as it started off with me collecting my mail to see my beautiful friend Lesley Maxwell beaming back at me from my post box. She is a wonderful lady and i am so proud to see a true representation of health and fitness on the cover, Lesley , otherwise known as my 'Melbourne Mum', conveys consistency with her diet and training, and an inspirational physique and story. Congrats Lesley, i'll be seeing you next weekend for our coffee date!

Week 3 of my recovery has been a little slower than planned with me regressing my rehab and returning to bed to rest.

But with moral still high i decided that if i cannot move forward physically, i will have to move forward mentally. So i decided to dedicate day to my goals and future plans: Creating a 'Vision board' - full of my favourite saying, role models, the poster, dates and details for my next competition and photos, pictures and images that inspire me. I compiled my 'Plan' for the next 12months. Full of my plan of attack, my goals and how i am going to get there."without a plan you are planning to fail"

This week i have also received mail from some Oxygirls that are also going through injury, when faced with setback it is a massive test of inner strength and character and its not surprising that it can get us down. The key is to remain positive(easier said than done!) and always look ahead, look at the bigger picture, see that a minor setback is just that, 'minor'.

The running theme of this mail was that of concern for loosing condition, or "getting fat", i can totally understand and relate to this but it was also so upsetting to read - Remember Oxygirls that you are beautiful from the inside out!! Our body is merely the product of what we eat and do, so if we are recoverying from an injury whether it is major or minor and we are not training, therefore not burning as many calories and decreasing our metabolisms, our bodies are undoubtly going to change shape and composition. Give your body the time and nutrients it needs to recover now so you can train smarter and harder in the near future.Think in the present moment, focus on getting better NOW.

Bouncing back to your desired condition will take you as long as it did to fall off!! Eg. I will of been out of action for 6weeks, so i anticipate a 6weeks period to get back to to the condition i was. And out of action 12 weeks for my lower body, so 12weeks to get the condition back in my legs.

This week, when you train legs: train for me!

Yours in good, hobbling health,