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Mass Confusion Ahead

The world we live in has become a massive pool of free information. It is really incredible the vast amount of information we can source from our sitting inside our own home. The biggest problem in this wonderful world of free access to information from so many people promoting 'their methods and ideas' is that people are now MORE CONFUSED than ever.

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What is Health?

What is health? Many people get so caught up in the physical aspect of what it ‘looks’ like to be healthy, however forget some of the other important fundamental components of what it is to live a life of optimal health and wellness.

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It's almost that time again...Comp Season!

It is that time of year again....competition season. We are headed into season B of 2012 and I am super excited to see all the upcoming shows.

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  1. Re: Promote what you love, instead of bashing what you hate.

    Words to remember always! Especially when talking to others directly!

    -- Lindy

  2. Re: Normal??? Women's Body Fat Levels.

    Thankyou Nicky! Your honesty and openess is very refreshing and extremely reassuring. I am a mum of two...

    -- KL