Have you been making changes to your life so that you can be a "better" version of yourself and you’ve finally found your passion for life? Have you finally done what you have been saying you’d do for a while now? How wonderful is the feeling of accomplishment & being proud of yourself!

You've decided to be the BEST you possibly can, you're training hard at the gym, eating healthy, clean food & you've seen some great changes in your body, have more energy and feel happier than ever! You feel on top of the world and everything seems to be going great until your high is shattered when a family member or a friend makes a negative comment about you training too hard, or you're getting "too" muscly, or hassling you for not eating dessert. These are the people that are supposed to love and care about you yet they don't seem to be happy for you! It doesn’t make sense does it?

When I started training a few years ago people around me starting making negative comments like these about my strong body and new lifestyle, even from some of my own family and friends!

I really couldn't care less what people who don't know me think of me, but having the people I love saying these things really hurt me! At one stage I even started to believe them...I thought to myself  "I don't want to look manly, I should back off my training!" Then I snapped myself out of these thoughts, I was allowing what other people thought of me to affect me! I reminded myself why I started making these positive changes in my life, my training and diet and how amazing I felt for the first time in my life! Nobody's opinion was going to take that away from me – family or not!

You see, people who don't do what we do (train hard & eat clean) don't seem to understand it! They think the way we eat is crazy and muscle on a female is wrong and unattractive! Well I disagree! I think women with strong, healthy, muscular physiques are beautiful!

When you make a change in your life, especially a big change you’re more vulnerable to personal attacks from people you know. They are familiar with you being a certain way & sometimes dislike it when you change for the better. Usually this is because of how it affects them rather than what’s actually best for you! For whatever reason they feel the need to criticize and voice their opinion whether their intention is to hurt you or not!

Criticisms can be tough to receive, especially when you care about what the particular person thinks of you and respect their opinions, but the important thing is their opinions are just opinions, nothing more.

It's important not to take on board what others think of you. The main thing is that YOU ARE HAPPY. You are doing what you love; you are healthy and fit and have never felt better. If these people really cared about you then they would be supportive and happy for you! If they aren’t you need to learn to ignore them!

We are not on this earth to please everyone else. We are all unique and have different opinions but the only opinion that really matters is the one you have of yourself! 
Keep doing what makes you happy regardless of what anyone else thinks!

X Em.