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JBL Weekend Warrior Challenge Is Open!

JBL Weekend Warrior Challenge Is Open!

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Premium audio brand JBL have just released their brand new sport & lifestyle headphone range Endurance and Reflect. To celebrate, JBL are hosting an exclusive workout event taking place at the Speedo Fitness Club in Bondi, Sydney on Sunday 19th August. A handful of lucky participants will win the opportunity to take part in this unique fitness event led by Shannon Dooley (Retrosweat), Hayden Quinn (The Cube Gym), Nathan McCallum (Milestone Strength) and Mary Hoang (The Indigo Project). Read More
Australian made protein fit for Australians
With the health and fitness industry booming worldwide there’s been increased demand for protein supplements and one Australian brand is taking the lead. Tasmanian based Bulk Nutrients strive to create pure, effective supplements to support the diverse goals of Aussie athletes. Read More
JBL® Introduces New Reflect Wireless Headphone Range
JBL introduces it’s brand new Reflect line of sport and lifestyle headphones, with the versatile Reflect Mini BT 2 and the ultimate workout partner Reflect Contour BT 2. Loaded with state of the art JBL sound, long-lasting battery life and a lightweight design these headphones will go the distance with you while reflecting your personal flair for style. Read More
New line of sport earphones Endurance RUN, SPRINT and DIVE!
JBL has launched a new line of sport earphones Endurance RUN, SPRINT and DIVE, each designed with a unique set of features tailored to different types of sport activities. Durable, comfortable and convenience, the SPRINT and DIVE wireless earphones are equipped with IPX7 waterproof technology to endure all conditions and weather, and will never hurt or fall out. Read More
Little ways to burn fat with an office job.
Sitting in front of a computer eight hours a day five days a week doesn’t need to hurt your fitness progress unless you let it. If you have an office job, then you’re probably well versed in the consequences of sitting down and barely moving all day. If you haven’t said it yourself, you’ve heard it; “I’ve gained so much weight since I started this job!” Read More
5 top beauty tips for healthy glowing skin
Of all the beauty goals we aspire to, having glowing, healthy skin would have to top the list. Sure, there are highlighters and bronzers that can give you a glow – but healthy skin has a radiance all its own. If you’re done with tired and dull-looking skin, these five simple tips will help you get your glow on. Read More
How to get slim without the gym!

How to get slim without the gym!

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Want to lose the jiggle without spending time at the gym? While some people are perfectly happy sweating it out, others need slim-down options that are a little outside the box. Read More
Sweet Potato Pancakes with Blueberry Yoghurt Recipe
Pureed sweet potato lends a stack of pancakes natural sweetness, vibrant colour and a wallop of beta carotene. Read More
6 Steps to Mindfulness

6 Steps to Mindfulness

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How to become a master of mindfulness, lower stress, get focused, slow down and catch your breath. Read More
Your Top Health & Fitness Question's Answered!
Whether you're a gym devotee or just starting a shape-up plan, admit it, there are a handful of questions you’ve always wondered but have probably thought too basic or silly to even ask! Here at Oxygen we might just have the answer. Read More
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