Top 5 health and fitness experiences

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Top 5 health and fitness experiences

Top 5 health and fitness experiences

If you have been looking for a great gift for someone who is passionate about health and fitness or want to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve been putting in, a fun fitness experience may be what you need. Here are the top five health and fitness experiences for you or your fellow fitness junkie to enjoy – or you could even do the experience together!

  1.        Abseiling Adventure

One of the most popular experiences for health and fitness fanatics is an introductory abseiling adventure. An abseiling adventure combines all the necessary ingredients for a perfect day out: adventure, activity and the great scenery!

During an abseiling adventure, the fitness lover will be taught the beginning principles of abseiling by an experienced instructor. The fitness lover will start to abseil from three metre drops and slowly work their way up to exploring different terrains and use a variety of techniques.

A healthy lunch is also included in the abseiling adventure, so your fitness loving friend or yourself will not have to worry about anything during their day out. Participants will need a good physical fitness in order to enjoy the abseiling adventure to the fullest, because there is also a little bit of hiking involved!

  1.        Swim with Sea Lions

If your fitness loving friends or yourself enjoy swimming and aquatic life, the Swim with Sea Lions experience will be more to their liking. For this particular experience, the fitness lover will head to Port Lincoln, South Australia, and get more familiar with the local sea lion population.

In order to benefit the most from the swim with sea lions experience, the participant needs to be a good swimmer and have a reasonably good physical fitness level. When the participant arrives at Port Lincoln, they will be given a swimsuit, snorkel, fins and a mask, so they will be fully equipped for the experience.

A swim with sea lions experience also includes access to various facilities, including the showers and changing room. Additionally the fitness lover can take their underwater camera, so they will never forget the experience.

  1.        Private Surf Lesson

Another great activity for an active and fit person is a private surf lesson. There are many surf experiences available throughout Australia, but the best ones can still be found on Bondi Beach. At Bondi Beach, fitness lovers can count on surf experiences that are tailored to their fitness and experience level, which enables them to fully enjoy everything the waves can provide them with.

  1.        Blue Mountains Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another great way to get a great workout while enjoying the great outdoors. One of the best rock climbing experiences can be found at the Blue Mountains, where adventure and fun will await climbers of all levels.

The Blue Mountains not only provide fitness lovers with great rock climbing experiences, but there are a lot of other things to do in this area. At the Blue Mountains, fitness lovers will be able to enjoy long hikes, bike rides and let their aching muscles relax in the Japanese bathhouse.

  1.        Hot Spring Bath

If you have a fitness loving friend who is recovering from an injury, or needs a break from a difficult workout schedule, a trip to the natural hot spring baths may be the perfect treat.

The natural hot spring baths are situated in the Mornington Peninsula and can provide your fitness loving friend or yourself with an outstanding experience. When the fitness lover is enjoying the hot springs, they will also be provided with a healthy lunch – so there’s no need to sacrifice their hard work and diet plan dedication. Relaxation is just as important as a workout routine and an experience at the Mornington Peninsula can certainly provide your fitness loving friend with optimal relaxation.

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