Oral Hygiene and Your Fitness Level

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Oral Hygiene and Your Fitness Level

Can Bad Teeth Influence My Fitness Level?

According to both Malo Clinic & Bond Street Dental, not looking after your teeth can have dire consequences for your fitness level, because they can cause all kinds of health problems. A good example of this is inflammation of the gums. When your gums are inflamed, it can affect your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and this can have consequences for your energy levels.

Research has also shown a direct connection between oral health and heart disease. People with bad oral health are at a higher risk of heart disease and muscle degradation, this is why good oral health is so important.

Why Is Brushing and Flossing So Important?

Brushing is a very important routine that needs to be executed daily. By brushing our teeth, we remove the plaque build-up that accumulates over the course of the day. If you do not brush your teeth on a regular basis, the plaque will start to damage your teeth and cause decay. In addition, an excessive amount of plaque can also cause gum disease which may produce some serious consequences for your dental health over the course of time.

Even though the majority of people will brush two times a day, there are people who forget to floss. If you do not floss your teeth, food will get trapped between the teeth and form plaque. Not flossing can cause the same complications you would get if you were not brushing your teeth such as inflamed gums, cavities and even loss of teeth.

Why Is A Supermarket Teeth Whitening Treatment Not Advised?

Teeth whitening products coming from the supermarket can do more harm than good. These teeth whitening kits are universal, which means that they are not especially made for your teeth and therefore results can vary considerably. Most supermarket kits are also made from cheap ingredients which means their effects are usually temporary or may actually cause damage to your teeth.

These kits can also make your teeth various shades of white. Most of the time this has to do with the presence of fillings, which are not taken into account when obtaining the teeth whitening kit. If you do have fillings, it is advised to visit your dentist for teeth whitening.

What Teeth Whitening Options Can I Take Advantage Of?

Over the course of the years, teeth can start to show stains or yellowing. Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques that can give your teeth a beautiful white appearance again. One of the most popular techniques for teeth whitening at the moment is Zoom, which can be done professionally at the dentist office.

Two dental practices that can provide their patients with Zoom are Bond Street Dental and the Malo Clinic. The teeth whitening treatment only takes about an hour and is one of the most affordable teeth whitening treatments on the market.

Instead of going to the dentist office for a teeth whitening procedure, you can also obtain some teeth whitening kits from the dentist. These teeth whitening kits will be based on your teeth and provide you with the same results you would get if you went to the dentist office.

Both Bond Street Dental and the Malo Clinic can provide patients with a Zoom home whitening kit. Before patients can acquire the kit, they will need a custom tray of their teeth so that the teeth whitening kit is close to the natural whiteness they wish to obtain.

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