Here are the 14 things to consider when figuring out if you need a personal trainer

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Here are the 14 things to consider when figuring out if you need a personal trainer

IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE A GOAL in a more efficient and effective way than you could do yourself, then engaging the services of a professional is a wise decision. However, it’s like
navigating a minefield out there in ‘Expert Land’, trying to find the expert that’s THE expert to help you. You can search endlessly on the internet, but often there are just too many experts to choose from! Leaving you feeling stuck and uncertain about what’s right for you.

I’ve put together my 14-STEPS-TO FINDING-YOUR EXPERT PLAN to provide you with the skills, abilities and confidence you need in your search for the right professional support.

Stop looking for THAT expert on the internet! Why? Because you have no guarantee that they are the professional they say they are. If you want to be conf ident in your choice then keep reading…

Look for your fitness professional in your local community.

Ideally, if you train at a fitness centre or gym, that’s where to start your search – most fitness centres or gyms have a reasonable supply of Personal Trainers (PTs) available to their members.

Your fitness centre or gym should have a PT noticeboard, where each PT’s qualifications, training specialities, years of experience and business cards are provided. Take a look at this board. You are looking for the qualifications, experience and training specialities that match your specific needs.

In terms of qualifications, at the most basic level, a PT must have at least a Cert lll or Cert IV in Fitness. If you are lucky, there may even be a Master Personal Trainer available – which means you’d be in the optimum hands

Check out their specialities. This will give you a fair idea of what they might be good at. For example, if weight loss and body shaping are your goals, look for a trainer that lists this as their expertise?

You want someone with at least 8+ years of experience in the industry. In particular, do they detail the number of years of experience in the area of expertise you are interested in

This is a crucial step; go check them out on the gym floor. You need to see them in person – how they interact with their clients, other members, PTs and staff of the fitness centre or gym. Do they look like they have a good rapport with these people? Do their clients, other members, PTs and staf f at the fitness centre or gym seem to respond favourably to this

I know this might sound superficial, but how do their clients look physically? If your proposed PT candidate specialises in a certain area, then their clients may have the same goals as you. Therefore this could be an indication of how good they are at their job. Having said that – for I don’t want to cause outrage in the fitness industry – there is so much pressure on PTs to deliver results. When in truth, PTs need their clients to work with them – by sticking firmly to their eating and exercise plans – to enable success!

You also need to assess whether the PT doesn’t just talk the-talk but walks-the-walk. If the potential PT does not seem like they follow their own advice then find someone else. As judgemental as that sounds, you want results and you want results from someone who is living proof.

Approach a client who trains with your potential PT. Ask them if this trainer has, and is, helping them to achieve their goals. Most people are happy to share their experience, so the
more details a client will share, the more confident you can be in your choice.

If you have been able to tick all the boxes so far regarding the PT’s ability to fast-track you to success, grab a business card. But before you give the PT a call, check out their website for further information and testimonials –being mindful of the fact that there is no regulatory body monitoring the information presented on a website. Just because it is on the website doesn’t mean it has credibility! But it’s worth a look.

Still confident that this PT is the right one for you? Then give them a call, or flick them an email, and set up a time to meet and discuss your needs.

If at any time in the initial meeting, it just doesn’t feel right, or it becomes apparent that the PT does not f it your criteria, then don’t be afraid to say, “Thank you for your time but no
thank you.” You are under no obligation to commit!

You either have found yourself a PT, or go back to step 1 and begin again.

I know it might seem a labour intensive but you need be able to see that PT in person, in action, walking-the-walk and getting results with their clients! Then you will know you are safe to take this trainer on and begin fast-tracking your weight-loss, body-shaping journey!

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