Top 10 Foods for a Bikini Body!

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  Top 10 Foods for a Bikini Body!



Top 10 Foods for a Bikini Body!






In the fight against belly fat, some foods are simply better than others. Protein, for example, raises your metabolism more than carbs do. Other foods, like green tea, are thermogenic, which means you actually burn calories after consuming them. And then there are the fats: while all contain the same number of calories (nine per gram), some build belly fat and others fight it.

So which foods to choose? We’ve compiled a list of 10 foods that can help you fight fat. While they certainly won’t replace your hard work and commitment to clean eating, adding them to your diet on a regular basis could make all the difference.



Although relatively high in calories (150 per half avocado), the monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) in avocados seem to fight belly fat. In studies comparing the MUFA-rich Mediterranean diet with diets high in carbohydrates or saturated fats, subjects following the Mediterranean diet had the smallest waistlines.


FOR FAB ABS: Eat a quarter of an avocado per day, or one to two per week.


Jalapeño Chillies

Known for their thermogenic effect, jalapeño chillies (and all hot chillies, for that matter) are great for adding flavour and fighting fat at the same time. The best part? Because you use such a small amount in each dish, chillies are virtually calorie free. Talk about getting a workout while standing still.


FOR FAB ABS: Eat a quarter-teaspoon of diced chillies daily (more if tolerable).




Lean, mean and clean, skinless turkey is a great alternative if you’ve had enough chicken to last you two lifetimes. With 25g of protein per 100g serving, turkey is also a source of zinc, selenium and vitamin B6.


FOR FAB ABS: Eat 85 to 115g of turkey three to four times per week.


Green Tea


Famous for its antioxidants called ‘catechins’, green tea is another thermogenic food that doubles as a disease fighter (green tea drinkers seem to have a lower cancer risk). While a single cup won’t give you washboard abs, making it your warm beverage of choice certainly won’t hurt.


FOR FAB ABS: Drink up to six cups of green tea each day.


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