Are You Eating Less?

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Are You Eating Less?

Are You Eating Less But Not Seeing Results?


Discover how dieting can make you fat


By Travis Jones


We have all heard the same old story again and again: decrease calories, increase exercise and you’ll lose that unwanted fat; calories in versus calories out. So we often go on these diets that make us feel like we are eating nothing at all and jump on the treadmill to do countless hours of cardio.  In the first two to three weeks you start to lose weight, so the plan is working right?


But then what happens? All of a sudden you plateau, your weight loss stumbles, it falters and you can’t lose anymore. So what exactly is happening? You must be eating too much and not training enough, right? So you cut more calories and run further and further every week.


Unfortunately that weight still doesn’t budge!  By now you are starving and you start believing there is no hope; you’re destined to never lose fat and you should just go back to your normal eating. You then gain the initial weight you lost plus five kilograms more which makes you feel worse than ever. You think to yourself that you must have that dreaded ‘fat gene’ and it’s not your fault. Well it isn’t your fault directly, it’s the fault of all the marketing companies telling you to cut calories and train harder. But don’t worry, there really is a reason all of this happens.


Why dieting can make you fat.


I am now going to discuss what happens to your body when you eat too few calories.


The biggest culprit that causes fat gain from cutting calories is the hormone leptin.  This hormone is basically our fat set-point.


Leptin lives in your fat stores and goes up and down depending on the amount of food you eat. If you naturally have a higher body fat percentage or eat adequate amounts of food you will naturally have high levels of leptin, which will keep your metabolism up and allow you to burn fat. So you might think to yourself, “I have higher body fat so that means my leptin levels should be high, right?” Well they were before you started trying to diet over and over again!


When you continually go on and off calorie-restricted diets it leads to a condition called leptin resistance. This isn’t a good place to be in. If you are leptin resistant it makes communication between your fat stores and your brain shut down, leading your brain to believe there are no excess fat stores. So the next time you restrict calories, instead of your leptin levels being high they drop due to the lack of communication.


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