Brooke Stacey - How I went from flab to fab

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Brooke Stacey - How I went from flab to fab

Brooke Stacey - How I went from flab to fab


Our Oxygen Covergirl Brooke Stacey, not only looks fabulous, but is a true inspiration for anybody who wants to get healthier and fitter, inside and out.

Words by Brooke Stacey


When I first started training, it was mainly because I needed an emotional workout, not necessarily a physical one. I was going through a break-up at the time and needed an outlet to release all of my anxiety and stress. This was a time which I consider to be one of my hardest challenges: I have always been athletic and active so it was natural for me to want to move my body and relieve stress through physical exertion. This enabled me to turn anxious and sad situations into something remarkable, healthy and positive. It showed me a lot about my self and what I am capable of mentally and physically. I feel stronger spiritually, mentally and physically and have greater confidence that I can over come any obstacle in life.

During my first training session I felt like everything was brand new. Foam rolling and myofacial release was new to me, and I remember the sweating and shaking started immediately as I began to engage my muscles in ways it had never done before.


I find motivation everywhere: from strangers (in person or on social media) who say that I inspire them; from surrounding myself in the gym with peers who are also putting in the hard work to live a healthy life style, as well as my peers in the fitness industry. My friends in the fitness industry lift me up with their encouragement and congratulations. This makes me want to push myself even further, to do more each day to be successful. Good, positive energy is so contagious: I choose to surround myself with like-minded people so that we can encourage each other.

The most rewarding aspect of training is the endorphin rush and stress relief I get when I leave all of the stresses of my day out on the gym floor. It feels good to look in the mirror when I’m lifting and see my progress. And it feels great to put my body to work and see all its amazing capabilities. Our bodies are remarkable!


I started out in the industry by fitness modelling, before becoming a certified personal trainer. When I was modelling, people would ask me loads of fitness questions. I wanted to be able to better answer and educate others on fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.


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