Killer biceps now!

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Killer biceps now!

Killer biceps now!

Model: Monika Coorey | Photos: Dallas Olsen | Hair and make-up: Tegan Woodford | Dumbbells: Cyberfit

Remember the days when mobile phones didn’t exist, social media wasn’t even thought of and technology didn’t rule your life? Ah, the simple life!

But we shouldn’t only crave it when it comes to our work and home lives; the simplicity of free weights can work wonders on our biceps and they’re just as refreshing as a technology-free weekend. So why not try both this week?

At times, people can overthink biceps training but essentially all you need for great arms are a pair of dumbbells, commitment and a bit of creativity!

Top tips for training biceps

1. Train your biceps once or twice a week with heavy weights – this will add size and shape to your guns. To encourage progression and change in your arms, try adding 10% more weight every week.

2. Are biceps one of the weak areas on your body? Do you find them hard to train or build up? If so, dedicate a training day each week to them or put them first in your workout so they stay in focus.

3. To get the most out of your reps, use the full range of motion. You can do this by uncurling the move when you feel the resistance on your biceps has stopped, and lowering the dumbbells until your arms are straight.

The exercises:



Your plan:



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