Carve your upper body with cables

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Carve your upper body with cables

Carve your upper body with cables


After very recently making the transition from a professional figure competitor to motherhood I’ve had to make several changes to my training regime.  As a new mum the opportunity to get to the gym is limited. When I am able to make it I am also limited to the amount of time each session can take. Gone are the days where I can spend hours focusing on my training whenever I like! So if you’re time poor like me, this cable machine workout is a great way to work your whole upper body in one session. The set-up is very quick and easy and you don’t need to shift any plates or dumbbells around the room. It is also great if you are limited to the amount of machines you have access to.


This workout is perfect for achieving a gradual increase in lean upper body muscle tissue, general strength gains and fat burning. It is ideal for achieving an overall toned fitness model look when used in combination with fitness classes, HIIT training or cardio. Many people still overlook the fat burning abilities of weight training but it is an extremely effective method, especially for women. 


Here we will target all of the major muscle groups in the upper body including chest, arms, shoulders and back. This workout can be performed simply by doing one exercise after the other or by super-setting two exercises together. For lean muscle and strength gains combined with fat burning you want to aim to perform 3-4 sets of each exercise with 15-20 repetitions. Make sure you do at least 10 minute easy-to-moderate-pace cardio as a warm-up and stretch pre-workout.


Lateral Raise


Target muscle: Shoulders (deltoids)



Set-up: Set the cable pulley all the way to the bottom of the machine. Stand side on directly in front of the cable machine. Attach the single handle to the cable and hold it in the outside hand. This exercise can also be performed seated on a bench in front of the cable machine.



Action: Start with the outside arm extended straight down in front of the body. Slowly raise the hand laterally (away from the cable machine) until parallel with the ground at shoulder height. Ensure you keep your torso straight by bracing your core. Pause briefly at shoulder height and slowly return the cable to the starting position. Keep elbow slightly bent throughout the movement. Repeat for the remaining repetitions.


Sets and reps: 3-4 sets of 15 reps


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