How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

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How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

It always seems to happen. You spend your year being healthy, eating right and having a regiment exercise routine. But when it comes time for your trip away all your hard work goes out the window! Gone are the salads for lunch, they’re replaced with creamy pastas in Italy or a massive burger in America. Say goodbye to your regular gym session, they’re replaced by sitting on long flights half way around the world. Worst still, when you get home, you’ve lost your routine and motivation.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case. By planning ahead and making the right choices, traveling doesn’t have to ruin your health and fitness. 

Step up

When traveling on a touring holiday, it’s often tempting to grab a taxi or the train, even if it’s a short distance. Here’s the perfect opportunity to fit in some more exercise. Ditch the train and go for a walk instead. You’ll experience more of the city on your way and perhaps even come across a local hidden gem restaurant or boutique store. Best of all, you’ll feel great that you’ve exercised.

Don’t forget the extra steps you can take throughout the day – take the longer walk back to your hotel, or use stairs rather than an elevator. 

Exercise While Traveling

If you’re the outdoorsy type, a holiday away can be perfect to continue your fitness routine. There’s plenty of wonderful getaways that incorporate daily exercise – mountain bike riding, skiing, white-water rafting or horseback riding. These options are a great way to let you exercise and have fun at the same time.

Of course, if you want a more passive holiday, you can always try local touring companies, which often run bike and walking tours. Many of these tours let you see famous landmarks, learn about the city’s history and culture and get a good workout along the way. 

Take a cruise

Cruising has come a long way in the last decade. No longer for old people who line up for the buffet, cruise ships are now a wonderful option for those wanting a healthy trip away while they can still see the sights.

Scenic Tours is one such company that’s breaking the trend. Gone are the buffets, these are replaced with gourmet restaurants that have ample options for those wanting a healthy option. Scenic also has plenty for those who want to keep fit while on board with gyms, saunas, wellness centres and fitness centres. Not to mention, the wonderful jogs with breathtaking sea views you take around the boat. It really is the best of both worlds – traveling the world while also keeping fit and eating right. 

Rest and relax

While traveling can be lots of fun, it can also be a tiring experience. Early wake up calls, late nights, on your feet for most the day and worst of all –jetlag. Make sure to rest up before you go away. When you land, adjust to the local time and don’t be tempted by sleeping at odd hours. Try to get your usual amount of sleep every night and schedule in a rest period in the late afternoon to recharge for the night ahead. 

Take care of yourself

Not every country has clean drinking water. Sometimes that healthy-looking salad has been washed in unhealthy water, which can cause stomach problems. And no one wants that when they’re away! Cooked food is sometimes the safer option. Do your research before leaving about what you can and can’t eat or drink.

Likewise, be prepared and pack yourself a mini-pharmacy! Make sure to include hand sanitiser, medication, band aids and any vitamins supplements you may not be getting from local foods.

Don’t forget to also check with your doctor if you need shots before traveling to more exotic locations. 

One Final Note

Obviously keeping healthy while away is no easy task. But don’t feel too bad if you put on a few extra kilos. The most important thing is to have fun and experience new things. The gym and your healthy eating routine will be waiting for you when you get back. 

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